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Since we began this informative site, a number of people have sent us emails asking whether or not they should be using eye wash on a daily basis. In most cases, these people have also included details about the reasons why they are using the eye wash so frequently - and a particularly regular theme is that these people all suffer from the same symptoms of eye irritation on a daily basis.

When it comes to making a recommendation as to what should be done in such a situation, it seems clear that one way or another - there needs to be a change in lifestyle. After all, it is not a normal thing for the eyes to become irritated or sore, let alone this happening on a regular basis. If indeed there is something wrong with the eye - this needs to be evaluated by a medical professional, and further diagnosed from there.

But this leaves us all with the question - how do you know if the irritation is being caused by something more sinister? Well, there are a number of answers to that - and this question is exactly the one we will try to answer in the rest of the article.

Finding The Overall Cause
Eye irritation can be caused by a number of things. In the most mild of cases, the corporate is likely to be as simple as the air conditioning in the family home - or the animal hair on the sofa. In these situations, eye wash will certainly help to control the irritation, but will probably not prevent the same thing from happening the next time that same person is exposed to the underlying factor.

The only way to stop the regular occurrence of eye irritation in such a case is to remove the hair from the couch, or adjust the air conditioning accordingly.

Of course, if the irritation is more severe, and is not at least relieved temporarily by performing an eye wash - then it may be time to visit your eye specialist. In such a case, it is vitally important that you don't leave things to get worse - as this may result in long term damage which was potentially avoidable at one stage.

Either way - take note of what your body is telling you - and use your instinct to make the right choice.

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